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Transformers G1

Brand: Hasbro Model: 21T000503
Transformers G1 1990 Action Masters Sideswipe EU/Canada/Australia EXCLUSIVENot completeBroken fist (see the picture)In fair condition..
€ 79.99
Ex Tax:€ 79.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 21T000122
Transformers G1 Predacons (Predaking) 1986Everything is orginal.All parts are included. No broken/repaired parts.Razorclaw: metal version.Headstrong: metal version, instructions included.Divebomb: metal version.Tantrum: metal version, instructions included. Box is included but in poor shap..
€ 349.99
Ex Tax:€ 349.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 21T000062
Transformers G1 Warpath 1984In good condition..
€ 14.99
Ex Tax:€ 14.99
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