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Transformers without box

Brand: Hasbro Model: 18T000811
Transformers Animated GrimlockComplete..
€ 19.99
Ex Tax:€ 19.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 21T000186
Transformers Animated MegatronComplete..
€ 17.99
Ex Tax:€ 17.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 20T000039
Transformers Animated Megatron (leader)Complete..
€ 39.99
Ex Tax:€ 39.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 18T001760
Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Complete..
€ 14.99
Ex Tax:€ 14.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 21T000174
Transformers Animated Soundwave..
€ 24.99
Ex Tax:€ 24.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 19T001337
Transformers Armada Optimus PrimeComplete..
€ 14.99
Ex Tax:€ 14.99
Brand: Badcube Model: 20T000538
Badcube Backland OTS-03 (Outback)In very good condition..
€ 69.99
Ex Tax:€ 69.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 18T000594
Transformers Combiner Wars Deluxe Dragstrip..
€ 24.99
Ex Tax:€ 24.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 20T000977
Transformers combiner wars Optimus Maximus (white Optimus)Included:Sunstreaker (no weapon)Prowl (no weapon)Ironhide (no weapon)Mirage (no weapon)RodimusBattle Core Optimus PrimeIn good condition. No manuals.If you have any questions about this combiner: please let us know...
€ 99.99
Ex Tax:€ 99.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 19T001340
Transformers Convoy (Ultra Magnus) Ipod SpeakersNot complete (no AC adapter)Not tested..
€ 24.99
Ex Tax:€ 24.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 19T001655
Transformers Cybertron Dark Scorponok CompleteThe right claw has been broken and repaired (glued); see the pictures..
€ 29.99
Ex Tax:€ 29.99
Brand: Hasbro Model: 16T001314
Transformers Cybertron Robots in Disguise Micro Master OverloadIn good condition..
€ 4.99
Ex Tax:€ 4.99
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